Sunday, 21 August 2016

I'm a walking, and a swimming and a cycling...

I've decided to do the full moonwalk in May next year - the last time I did the full walk was the year before I was pregnant with Brown Bear. The following year I had a place, but couldn't take part because I was way to big to walk 26 miles comfortably. Then I did the half moon with my lovely pal Soraya two years ago to mark her recovery from breast cancer. It's taken me a while to figure out that I need to do this because in my head I have a few things I want to do before I'm 50 (and that's closer than I want to admit !)

I'd like to be able to complete a marathon - I have no idea if I'll be able to do it as a run, but walking is a pretty good start. I've not had the best health in the last year - nothing serious, but just a series of annoying things seem to be going wrong. So I've decided to take a long term approach to getting myself fit. In the spirit of this I went on a training walk this afternoon and I'm happy to say I made it and enjoyed it too. Bonus !

My other ambition is to take part in a triathalon. Even if it's a really small one I want to at least give it a go. I swim a lot, I mean 4-5 times a week and pretty much always smell of chlorine. I know, sexy right ? I'm working on my stamina to get to a stage where I can swim and still be fit to do another event. At the moment I go full pelt then clamber out of the pool ravenous and wanting to wash my hair. It is definitely within my sights though.

Get back into cycling. I used to cycle a lot. At uni I used to have to balance my shopping bags on the handlebars and tuck my long goth skirts into boots to cycle home. If I was lucky my friend Neil would cycle home with me and I'd peddle behind him to help with the steep climb back to our shared student house. I'm forever grateful he'd wait for me going at old lady pace as he would have got home so much earlier if he'd gone on ahead on his sporty bike. I used to cycle to work when I was lived on my own and loved my sit up bike with a basket on the front. Nothing too fancy.

Before Christmas Hubbie said he was going to start cycling to work and I laughed so hard I actually had to cross my legs so I wouldn't pee. Oh stoppit we all know even a cough will make you wet yourself once you've had kids. Well, he's shown me as he's still going strong and even got me a bike to encourage me to get back to pedal power. Typically I've gone shopping to get some pretty things before I will actually get on it. It's the bike mother-in-law used to ride to work and is pretty sturdy, but not pretty. Well, once I've pimped it out with all these lovely Orla Kiely accessories I'll be the belle of the bike fraternity. Or something.

My gorgeous Orla Kiely cycle accessories from Halfords

So, I'm putting this here as a statement of intent. The walking is underway. Hopefully the cycling will be soon as well. I have visions of me and Brown Bear cycling to school in the mornings and me putting Blue Bear into a child seat to travel to nursery. I'm not promising that will happen but it's good to visualise isn't it ? I mean I always wanted to have a go at trapeze and never really believed I'd get to do it. Well here is the proof that I did. I have to look at it to remind myself it actually happened.

Adventures don't always have to involve being far away from home. Some of them are simple and achievable. I hope these are for me. Keep coming back to see how I get on.

This is me - I was terrified !