Monday, 16 January 2017

Easy like Sunday morning

After the excitement of the snowfall last week we decided to have a relaxing weekend. It was quite cold outside so I planned some home cooking for Sunday that would keep us warm and cosy and also involve the boys. Brown Bear has always enjoyed helping in the kitchen so we decided to make some pastries on Sunday morning. 

I bought a Jus Rol kit and asked Brown Bear to check the instructions - he likes to look up the temperature and cooking times for me. It helps with his reading and also I ask him to check the cooking timer so there is some sneaky maths going on too. Mwah ah ah (evil mum laugh).

He loved the twisty carton and said, "Wow !" when these pastries pieces came out of the tube. I used some baking parchment to stop the pastry sticking to the baking sheet. We've had an issue with this before so I learned from my mistake.

Brown Bear laid out the chocolate slices onto the pastry sheets and carefully folded the pastry over the top. 

We decided to brush the pain au choc tops with milk to make them golden brown.  Brown Bear loved using the pastry brush. 

They look pretty good don't they ? 

A treat for Daddy - breakfast in bed on Sunday morning. 

It was only afterwards that we noticed we were supposed to put the folded side down on the baking sheet, but it didn't matter. The boys enjoyed them just the same.

Cooking with the kids is such fun and they love to eat what they've made. Now that Blue Bear is older and can understand safety in the kitchen a bit more I hope we can cook together too. I would recommend the Jus Rol kits as they contain everything you need and are simple to use. I have some lovely recipes that are really easy to make so I think we will start with cookies - they also taste great.

Do you cook with your children ? What are you favourite things to make ?