Monday, 5 September 2016

We do like to be beside the seaside... safely

One of the things that is really important when seeking out adventures is to keep safe when doing them. After all it's no good being a daredevil if you end up out of action preventing any further adventures is it ? In the Summer me and Big Boy tried surfing for the first time and one of things that we were taught in our lesson was the importance of the flags on the beach and knowing where is safe to swim. This has become a big news story recently as strong weather and tides have caused fatalities by the sea.
Polzeath Beach - where we learned to surf this summer

I've always had an affinity with the RNLI as in the past I went scuba diving and divers have a lot of respect for the water and those who protect and keep us safe from potential danger. Did you know that the RNLI is the only dedicated organisation of its kind in the world ? They advise on safety and even provide equipment to other countries too. 

Dead Fred is based in every lifeboat station 

Grandma and Grandpa (my in-laws) live very close to the Solent and we often go to look at boats or take the ferry to the Isle of Wight when we stay with them. Mother-in-law has been keen for the boys to visit the RNLI station at Calshot Beach for a while. She heard a talk by them and wanted to go and see the boats so when we visited last week we took the boys there. 

There is a lot of safety kit 

The lovely chap who showed  us around explained that he is a marine engineer and is based at the station full time. All the others are on call and from call to response they can be in the water as quickly as 17 minutes ! We were shown Willets and Max, the two lifeboats that are kept at Calshot and average 3 callouts a week. 

That is a big hat !

Big Boy wanted to try on the kit so he managed to get the helmet on (not the helmet cam though - that was a bit too pricey to risk with a 5 year old !) and the lifejacket that was pretty weighty to wear. We heard all about the work of the RNLI staff and the risk factors that people don't consider when going out on the water. I'm so glad that my boys got to do this and hope it will help in keeping them safe.
Willets the lifeboat 

The RNLI do amazing work and deserve so much respect for what they do. I cannot praise them highly enough for making us so welcome.