Friday, 16 September 2016

Busy Beavers and outdoor adventures.

I've been keen for my oldest son to join the scouts since he was small. He's always been active and loves playing with others and since he's been at school he's become good at problem solving and working together. All skills that I think will come in handy as a scout. Well a beaver actually as he's too young for scouts just yet. The timetable for this term looks promising with team games, tree climbing and junk collage. The bit about tent pitching and campfire songs I'm not so sure about.

You see, camping is just not my thing. I love being outdoors and spend a lot of time and energy on making our garden a lovely place to be. It's just the idea of 'roughing it' that makes me pale. Even when people helpfully say, "what about glamping ?" or "they have hot water and proper bathrooms at campsites now." I raise an eyebrow. I love the idea of camping and often mention to Hubbie that I've seen a very reasonably priced family tent. He just looks at me and shakes his head firmly. He has experience of camping and is not keen to do it again.

So you see if my son is going to learn useful outdoor survival skills - and develop a tolerance for sleeping on the ground - he has to be a beaver. His Uncle (Hubbie's brother) was a keen scout and often went away on camping trips. Hubbie wasn't so keen. I feel guilty that we haven't given the boys that authentic 'great outdoors' experience that surely every child has to have. Maybe Uncle Munich* can take them instead of us ?

I might give it a try if he really does want to go and he learns how to do all the practical things. It's far more likely that I'd consider glamping if it really is glamorous - in which case bring it on !

Hubbie is taking Big Boy to his first Beavers class tonight. I'm going to miss seeing how he gets on, but I know he's good at making friends and joining in so I hope he has fun - and that he doesn't suddenly expect us to go camping !

*Subbuteo related family nickname