Saturday, 24 September 2016

Make me a cup of tea before you go-go

Part of the whole philosophy of Go Mum Go is to have adventures and fun. In the last few years I've taken part in some pretty random events to raise money and at this moment I'm totally pooped following a series of challenges that have all coincided.

I took part in the H2Only challenge from 13th-23rd September to raise money for the RNLI. For ten days I could only drink water which meant I had to forgo my morning cuppa and skip the alcohol at the MADS awards, a theatre launch event and a press night. I have to admit it was far more challenging than I expected and the friends who know me best sent me messages today asking if I'd had my first tea yet. Thanks guys - you are truly my people.

Last night I took part in a fundraiser for the Royal Marsden hospital during which a room full of us did Clubbercise for an hour and a half. In a darkened room, bathed in disco lights, most of us in neon clothing, we danced the night away. I woke up in not a little pain and glad I was finally able to drink lovely soothing tea. Oh how I longed for a lazy day on the sofa watching Breaking Bad.

Then today it was the annual Slide-a-thon. I am a trustee of a fantastic inclusive dance charity called SLiDE (South London inclusive Dance Experience). Every year we spend a weekend travelling around parks in Croydon, sliding in fun and amusing ways to raise money to support the inclusive dance work of the charity. Supporters pledge money to SLiDE in return for us filming / photographing ourselves doing their suggested slide challenges. This year mine included doing the Vogue down a slide and having tea and cake on another one. There was one slide that terrified me so much I got to the top only to bottle out and climb back down - I'm not proud of it, but I am determined to do it in the future. I've also discovered a park with a zip wire a short walk from our house. I am so going back there !

Tomorow I'm going for a swim to stretch out all the muscles that have been worked so hard for the last 48 hours. Then on Friday is the Macmillan coffee morning where I get to drink tea and eat cake all in the name of charity. I know, a tough gig right ? I think after that I'm going to hang up my fundraising shoes for a little while.